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Trade tokenized securities and private assets on the world's 1st regulated independent marketplace: Taurus Digital eXchange
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Enter private capital markets 2.0

More than a trading platform

  • Unlock liquidity and the value of ownership

    Fully digitized and transferable assets
  • Trade digital assets incl. tokenized securities

    Equity, debt, real estate, art + collectibles (NFT), crypto
  • Connect investors, issuers and banks

    Primary and secondary trading, FIX connectivity, webApp
  • Secure, state-of-the-art technology

    Built on Taurus technology
Trade in seconds, not weeks


For issuers

  • Unlock liquidity for owners, investors, employees
  • Gain visibility and raise capital more efficiently
  • Digitize and streamline securities management process (real-time view, transfers, etc.)

For professional investors

  • Diversify portfolio: private assets, digital assets, and alternative assets
  • Access new, exclusive investment opportunities
  • Easily buy/sell/transfer shares i.e., not locked

For banks

  • Provide safe and regulated access to digital assets
  • New revenue streams & distribution: own products, digital corporate finance, market making etc.
  • Attract and retain next gen clients: HNW, corporate, retail
Digitizing private assets end-to-end

How it works for banks

Issue, book, transfer and TRADE
any digital asset simply and safely

A proven blueprint for private markets 2.0

Case study

Tokenize in seconds
Audacia Holding SA, a fast growing Swiss ecommerce start-up with CHF 28 million revenue in 2020, tokenizes its company shares and digitizes the underlying lifecycle management (cap table, dividends, etc.)
Manage digitally
Audacia shares are stored and managed on a public blockchain (in this case Ethereum), called ledger-based securities. Instant digital transfer between shareholders with the highest security.
Unlock liquidity
Audacia shares are admitted for trading on TDX secondary market. Founders unlocked the value of their ownership with monthly liquidity event, investors access new opportunities.

Issuer: from shares tokenization to admission for trading

  • Simplify the administration burden: go 100% digital
  • Grow on your terms: raise what you need, when you want it
  • Gain flexibility: liquidity unlocked for founders + employees

Investor: 1 tokenized share > 1 traditional share

  • Same rights. Same protection as traditional asset
  • Shares you can manage and transfer digitally end-to-end
  • Shares you can actually trade (vs illiquid paper shares)

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