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to trade any digital asset

Trade tokenized securities and private assets on the world's 1st regulated independent marketplace: Taurus Digital eXchange
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Enter private capital markets 2.0

More than a trading platform

  • Unlock liquidity and the value of ownership

    Fully digitized and transferable assets
  • Trade digital assets incl. tokenized securities

    Equity, debt, real estate, art + collectibles (NFT), crypto
  • Connect investors, issuers and banks

    Primary and secondary trading, FIX connectivity, webApp
  • Secure, state-of-the-art technology

    Built on Taurus technology
Trade in seconds, not weeks


For issuers

  • Unlock liquidity for owners, investors, employees
  • Gain visibility and raise capital more efficiently
  • Digitize and streamline securities management process (real-time view, transfers, etc.)

For professional investors

  • Diversify portfolio: private assets, digital assets, and alternative assets
  • Access new, exclusive investment opportunities
  • Easily buy/sell/transfer shares i.e., not locked

For banks

  • Provide safe and regulated access to digital assets
  • New revenue streams & distribution: own products, digital corporate finance, market making etc.
  • Attract and retain next gen clients: HNW, corporate, retail
Digitizing private assets end-to-end

How it works for banks

Issue, book, transfer and TRADE
any digital asset simply and safely

A proven blueprint for private markets 2.0

Case study

Tokenize in seconds
Audacia Holding SA, a fast growing Swiss ecommerce start-up with CHF 28 million revenue in 2020, tokenizes its company shares and digitizes the underlying lifecycle management (cap table, dividends, etc.)
Manage digitally
Audacia shares are stored and managed on a public blockchain (in this case Ethereum), called ledger-based securities. Instant digital transfer between shareholders with the highest security.
Unlock liquidity
Audacia shares are admitted for trading on T-DX secondary market. Founders unlocked the value of their ownership with monthly liquidity event, investors access new opportunities.

Issuer: from shares tokenization to admission for trading

  • Simplify the administration burden: go 100% digital
  • Grow on your terms: raise what you need, when you want it
  • Gain flexibility: liquidity unlocked for founders + employees

Investor: 1 tokenized share > 1 traditional share

  • Same rights. Same protection as traditional asset
  • Shares you can manage and transfer digitally end-to-end
  • Shares you can actually trade (vs illiquid paper shares)

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