Digital issuance and
tokenization platform

Digitally issue and create your own financial products and asset-backed tokens on Ethereum and Tezos blockchains.
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Turn private assets into digital assets

All types of tokenized assets

  • Tokenized assets: proprietary or external

    Equity, debt, structured products, commodities, alternative assets and NFTs (e.g., art, music rights). Securities issued by yourself or already issued by your clients
  • Generic contracts: no limit

    Able to issue, detect and process any type of smart contract on Ethereum (ERC20/721/1400/XXX) and Tezos (FA1.2/2.0)
  • DeFi embedded

    Interact with the leading DeFi protocols (Aave, Compound, Uniswap and many others)
  • Automated: zero line of code

    Templates and libraries available. Intuitive GUI and workflows. No engineering needed
Capture the private assets opportunity



Issuance Platform

Issue and custody tokenized securities, NFTs and digital currencies

Tokenized securities
Digital currencies
Equity, debt
Real estate, commo
Structured products

Lifecycle management

Automate any type of asset servicing operations

End-to-end asset servicing
Legal documentation
Investor management
Transaction management
Security holder registry
Security certificates
Transfer control

Smart contract engine

Upload and interact with any external smart contract

Example: Add DeFi protocol functionalities
Borrow | Lend

How it works

We are the only to have automated for banks and issuers any type of asset servicing operations. The combination of Taurus-CAPITAL and Taurus-PROTECT allows them to create, custody and interact with “any” smart contract, as well as manage investors and products. All-in-one. The first of its kind.

Custody as it should be

Taurus-CAPITAL is a front-to-back platform, fully integrated with Taurus-PROTECT for end-to-end asset servicing: custody, issuance and transfer agency. You can issue, book, custody and transfer tokenized securities. The securities value chain is fully digitized.



Safekeeping, transfer / payments
Corporate actions, Proxy voting
Documentation / prospectus



Transfer agency

Security holder registry
Security certificates
Transfer restrictions / control

Create products,
manage tokenized securities.

  • Create crypto-backed structured products
  • Manage tokenized shares
  • Automate asset servicing operations

“As the digital asset space is expected to encompass trillions of dollars of assets, it’s bound to be seen as one of the priorities for investors and corporations alike. As such, custodians must start adapting to support their clients, This is why we are excited to partner with Taurus, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider with a proven track record and extensive expertise in the crypto and tokenization space.”

Paul Maley

Global Head of Securities Services at Deutsche Bank AG
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Tokenize shares and debt.
Create asset-backed tokens.

  • Tokenize in full compliance with Swiss law: equity and debt of Swiss and foreign corporations
  • Save time and cost: digitize your cap table, automate dividend payments
  • Unlock liquidity by admitting your tokenized shares on a regulated marketplace

“Taurus simplified the way we manage our shares: the digital cap table, instant shares transfers, combined with having absolute chain of title, is a game-changer. The tokenization process is smooth and fast, and we cannot imagine reverting back to the previous heavy administrative paperwork”

Alexandre Bonvin

Founder and CEO of Audacia Group
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Add your DeFi protocol to Taurus platform. Seamlessly.

  • Bring new institutional users to your DeFi protocol with our seamless smart contract integration platform.
  • Secure your assets with defense in-depth security
  • Gain visibility with sophisticated financial institutions

“Taurus is a leader in onboarding banks to DeFi through its secure custodian and smart contracts platforms. We look forward to exploring further synergies with Taurus as the ecosystem grows.”

Stani Kulechov

CEO of Aave
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Zero programming and simple integration

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