Only Taurus allows clients to manage any digital asset, with one single platform.

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At Taurus, we build

There are technology assemblers, crypto-only providers and there is Taurus. We built from the ground-up the next generation of digital asset infrastructure that goes beyond cryptocurrencies, following three design principles: best-in-class technology, financial services compatibility, and regulatory compliance.

Because we master internally the full technology stack including cryptography, and distributed ledger technology, we are the only to give you a strategic advantage when starting or developing any digital asset activity: you execute fast, stay at the forefront of innovation while scaling progressively your use cases with a low TCO.

We give you choice and control with a 100% open architecture: multi-blockchain, multi-asset, multi-trading counterparty, any smart contract standard. You create your own products while controlling your costs and margins. Our platform is easy-to-use, rapid to integrate and will enable you and your organization to grow and scale securely.

Why leading organizations trust us

Industry-leading technology, product leadership and market leadership

Future proof platform
Best-in-class technology


State-of-the-art security systems with pristine track record
  • Zero-trust architecture, defense-in-depth obsession with hardware roots of trust for both ends of the workflow
  • Proprietary firmware strengthening both HSM FIPS 140-2 L3 certified devices and MPC/TSS implementation to address security limitations
  • Monthly internal compliance review and regular third party security audits


Benefit from a configurable and scalable infrastructure with open architecture
  • Define your target operating model and workflows, configure dynamic signature mechanisms, program wallet behaviors
  • Connect to any blockchain, interact with any smart contract, comply with any regulatory standard
  • Integrate fast with full API endpoint for STP, scale vertically or horizontally, deploy on-premise, SaaS/managed or hybrid


Access to auditing reports at any time, review source code
  • Audited under ISAE 3402 Type II frameworks, from access control to change management and BCP/DRP
  • Source code fully auditable, scrutinised by leading offensive security team
  • No black-box across value chain, we don’t assemble third-party components, we build
Modular platform
Product leadership

Richest features

End-to-end product suite with banking-grade features
  • Everything you need in one platform: tokenization, custody, blockchain connectivity, and regulated marketplace
  • Unrivalled in-market features: compliance, treasury, AML, fraud detection, workflow automation, smart contracts function calls
  • Compatible with Linux, MacOS and Windows. Intuitive GUI, constant optimisation to simplify the end-user experience

Largest use cases

Cover cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, and digital currencies
  • Custody and stake a wide range of cryptocurrencies including NFTs, DeFi
  • Issue and administer any tokenized security/assets equity, debt, real estate, art and collectibles in full compliance
  • Mint, burn, custody and transfer stable coins and central banks digital currencies, optimize your settlement process

Fastest evolving

Solutions and products continuously at the forefront
  • Benefit from continuous investments in our platform as well as inputs from all our clients
  • Weekly upgrades with new product features, technologies and blockchains protocols
  • Direct access to world-class experts to guide you in the fast-moving market
Battle-tested platform
Market leadership

Swiss leadership

More than half of banks offering digital asset services run Taurus infrastructure
  • PROTECT custody solution is in production with the full spectrum of banks: systemic, investment, private, retail, digital and crypto banks
  • CAPITAL tokenization is used by financial institutions and private companies to digitize existing assets or create products
  • TDX is the only regulated and independent marketplace for tokenized securities to access secondary trading of high-growth private companies

Worldwide reference

Banks go-to-partner, power global crypto companies, contribute to leading protocols
  • Selected by Temenos as the only digital asset provider for their marketplace following an exhaustive global landscape review
  • Selected by Ethereum to review core components of Ethereum 2.0 security. We also audited leading exchanges and other protocols
  • Powering US-based NFTs marketplace and partnering with global payments networks to work on concrete use cases

Recognised experts

Trusted sparring-partner with experienced leadership team
  • Regulation: contribution to regulatory standard CMTA DACS - Digital Asset Custody Standard
  • Technology: research papers at the forefront of the current practices and talks at world-leading conferences
  • Financial services: executives coming from leading financial institutions: hedge funds, private banks, auditors
We are delighted to have found a very innovative partner in Taurus. With Taurus' products, we can offer our customers an expanded range of investment opportunities in the field of digital assets.
Taurus is leading the field in cryptography and blockchain technology. By joining forces, we can help banks to bridge the gap between traditional investments and digital assets.
As the digital asset space is expected to encompass trillions of dollars of assets, it’s bound to be seen as one of the priorities for investors and corporations alike. As such, custodians must start adapting to support their clients, This is why we are excited to partner with Taurus, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider with a proven track record and extensive expertise in the crypto and tokenization space.

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