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custody platform

Custody and process any digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, private assets and digital currencies.
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Patent-pending HSM and MPC technology

Unrivalled technology

  • Defense in-depth security

    Hardware + software + fraud detection. ISAE 3402 Type II audited
  • Large choice of use cases

    Staking for crypto, asset servicing for tokenized securities
  • Rapid integration, flexible deployment

    < 10 days of integration. On premise, SaaS, or hybrid
Complete custody



Custody any digital asset on premise and / or in the cloud

Asset servicing

Automate custody and asset servicing for tokenized securities


Automate interactions with all largest DeFi protocols: lend - deposit - borrow - swap

Staking / baking

Generate passive yields on last generation blockchains

Transaction management

Save time and costs by validating transactions in batch and / or programming wallets behaviors

Risk management

All banking-grade risk controls embedded and automated

Advanced signature
mechanisms & defense in-depth

  • FIPS Level 3 Hardware Security Module (HSM)strengthened with Taurus firmware
  • State-of-the-art configurable TSS and MPC algorithms strengthened with Taurus firmware
  • Advanced approval workflow: no limits on workflows and target operating model
  • Full transparency: source code audit available

A multi-layer framework
to banking-grade custody

  • Risk management, compliance, AML and fraud detection
  • Easily integrated with any core banking system, in production with ca. 10 of them: API-files, SWIFT, dedicated connectors
  • Treasury and consolidated reporting including vostro positions
  • Multi-tenant: have several BUs, booking centers on the same infrastructure

Architecture built to scale
horizontally and vertically

  • Micro-service architecture implementing best practices
  • High capacity: no limits on addresses and wallets.
  • Reliable broadcasting algorithms and nonce management
  • Advanced transactions management: embedded batch validations and programmable wallet behavior
Fast and flexible integration

Deployment model

for simple integration
for complex integration


Deploy the full Taurus product suite within your infrastructure.

SaaS or Managed

Leave the full hosting to Taurus while still having the full control of your private keys, which Taurus never has access to. ISAE3402 Type II audited.



Best of both worlds. Keep the most sensitive items with you and leave the rest to Taurus. ISAE3402 Type II audited.

Compatible with any core banking system


Used by leading financial institutions

We are delighted to have found a very innovative partner in Taurus. With Taurus' products, we can offer our customers an expanded range of investment opportunities in the field of digital assets.
Taurus is leading the field in cryptography and blockchain technology. By joining forces, we can help banks to bridge the gap between traditional investments and digital assets.
As the digital asset space is expected to encompass trillions of dollars of assets, it’s bound to be seen as one of the priorities for investors and corporations alike. As such, custodians must start adapting to support their clients, This is why we are excited to partner with Taurus, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider with a proven track record and extensive expertise in the crypto and tokenization space.

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