Why Taurus

Only Taurus provides financial institutions the digital infrastructure, core technology and solutions to manage crypto assets, digitalize and tokenize any type of private assets as well as digital currencies. All within the same platform.

Taurus has deep experience in (i) financial services, (ii) regulatory matters, and (iii) technology, acquired in leading firms in their sector.

We follow the best practices in those areas and help build a more mature ecosystem. We publish globally recognized research and industry standards, single-handedly or jointly with other leaders in the space.

Our staff is subject to the most stringent recruiting and evaluation processes. Our engineers are among the few teams in the world that master the full technology stack across software development, secure DevOps, cryptography and blockchain technology.

Taurus gives you direct access to world-class experts and future-proof solutions. Our technology is battle-tested in production with the full spectrum of financial institutions making our solutions cater for the needs of any type of bank in any jurisdiction.

Why leading financial institutions trust us

Most advanced technology, highest security & scalability

Market-leading, holistic multi-asset solutions for banks

Technology & Solutions continuously at the forefront

Simple & modular

Easy implementation with high flexibility

Most advanced technology, highest security & scalability

You benefit from the highest level of protection against internal and external attacks. We rely on FIPS Level 3 certified Hardware Security Modules (HSM), strengthened with additional security controls by our own software module. The code of this module was audited by expert firms and is fully auditable by our customers.

Market-leading, holistic multi-asset solutions for banks

You are able to implement and configure any type of processes and workflows in line with any sophisticated banks’ requirements: Compliance, Risk, Fraud Detection, Treasury

Technology & Solutions continuously at the forefront

Taurus belongs to the few teams in the industry mastering the full technology stack. You thus benefit from the most advanced and reliable technologies. Fast. And have direct access to our world-class experts.

Simple & modular usage

We invest significantly in developing a very intuitive interface and cutting through complexity with the end-user in mind. Compatible with Linux, MacOS and Windows

Easy implementation and configuration with high flexibility

We have simplified the integration work to take up to single digit days / weeks depending on your requirements. Our infrastructure adapts to all types of set-ups, including the most sophisticated ones.

Our products are battle-tested & future-proof with unique breadth of possible applications

Our team relies on world-class engineering and leadership from Swiss financial services and regulatory agency